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Posted on Cityloque ADMIRAL HOTEL Rustic confort in Copenhagen. No black and white minimal Nordic design. @theslowpaceblog

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HOTEL BALANGUERA An urban boutique hotel in Palma de Mallorca with a countryside feel and the best breakfast in town

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THE BINGHAM HOTEL A luxury boutique Hotel that feels like a home away from home. RIchmond. London

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Posted on Cityloque HOTEL JEROME ASPEN A perfect bar for those into Ralph Lauren interiors and top notch people watching.

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Posted on Cityloque TER DUINEN HOTEL A charming boutique hotel with a big personality @theslowpaceblog

Posted on Urber KAPAMA KARULA - LUXURY SAFARI LODGE Most of us arrive by plane, touching down at the tiny Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport in the Limpopo Province

Posted on Cityloque HOTEL ATMOSPEHRES A little boutique hotel in Paris' Latin Quarter @theslowpaceblog