Octopus is a legendary graphics of the famous and, by now, deceased brand from Milan VNGRD. The first Octopus hoodie was produced in 2006. Octopus hoodies and have been coming up periodically in different variants until 2010; since then they've been sold out and highly hunted all over the world. Until now, when in correspondence to fall/winter 2012/13 IUTER collaborates with VNGRD to arise again their new version of the Octopus sweater, on the 10th anniversary of the brand.
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#VNGRD #iuter Octopus Hoodie - White    89,00 €

#VNGRD #iuter Octopus Hoodie - White 89,00 €

#VNGRD #iuter Octopus Hoodie - Crema    89,00 €

Octopus hoodie, a joint design by VNGRD and Iuter, from Italy

#VNGRD #iuter Octopus Hoodie - Grey    89,00 €

LASPERAL 2017 Autumn New Women Hoodies Fashion Octopus Printed Long Sleeve Hooded Pullovers Casual Streetwear Sweatshirts

#VNGRD #iuter Octopus Hoodie - Yellow    89,00 €

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#VNGRD #iuter Octopus Tee - Light Yellow

#VNGRD #iuter Octopus Tee - Light Yellow

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