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an office lobby with chairs and artwork on the wall
Facebook’s New Johannesburg Office Space | Visi
a glass door with yellow arrows and letters on the side, in an office building
AD12 Wayfinding System
This was a component of the identity design for AD12, the AUT Design Exhibition 2012. We were asked to undertake this project as a group (second year students). The process of the way finding system started with us coming up with the arrow shape that work…
two people sitting at desks in an office with large windows and bookshelves
What Is Environmental Graphic Design? Explained In 2024
a woman is standing in front of a wall with numbers on it that are all green
CZ Insurance HQ | BARCODE Architects | Archinect
a row of metal lockers with plants growing out of the top boxes on them
The changing face of our workplace
two people sitting at a desk in an office with multiple computers and lamps hanging from the ceiling
Inspiring architectural office
an office with yellow chairs and glass partitions on the walls that divide it from the floor
Products - Interior Design
an empty room with chairs and tables in the center, along with blue carpeting
PPG-industries-wroclaw-12 | Office Snapshots
an image of some type of architecture that looks like it is in black and white
a person walking down a street next to a tall wall with signs on it and numbers
the floor plan for an office building with red and black numbers on it, including two floors
FRI & FKKT signage and way-finding system
an orange and black wall with several different signs on the wall, including one for each player
Mirall Comunicación Multiforme