Precious stone backlit counter, agate stones

Handcrafted slabs of amethyst, jasper, petrified wood and other semi-precious stones bring a unique beauty to counter surfaces.

Semi-Precious Illuminated Counter Tops

Semi-Precious Illuminated Counter Tops

i wouldn't do the wooden shelves nor the white basin - Majestic Gemstone - luxurious and artistic decor Kitchen

Countertops - semi precious stones! Just add light! Boom! Feature of the room!

Caesarstone - Commercial Concepts Bar Counter Top, N.Y, USA 8310 Brown Agate

MAER Charme - Now that's a fireplace! Semi precious stone!

The next generation of Semi-precious slabs and tile: Smoky quartz features translucent and opalescent shades of grey accented with silver. Visit our showroom or contact our sales department for availability and pricing.