green roof + living room


green roof + living room {MoriahJovan} Sebastian's house has a flat roof with a garden and grass space, deck/patio on top.

Bamboo screen/rail

Tips for Zen Inspired Interior Decor - Froy I love how the bamboo is used in this color scheme and brings a natural element warm feel to the room. Too bad we don't have stairs at our house!

Bamboo Wood Flooring

Teragren Craftsman II Long-Plank Bamboo Flooring, with natural & caramelized colors, vertical & flat grain options. Simply, sustainable, a natural beauty.

bamboo flooring - eco friendly! Let your floor stand out as the natural feature.

Modern Kitchen Flooring Tips and Trends Modern Kitchen Flooring Ideas and Samples Some of the most popular modern kitchen floor trends right now include:

Cactus wine rack

make a statement with this two tone green wine rack. the cactus thorns provide a unique way to store your bottles of wine. this cactus will liven up any kitchen or living room! if this cactus does get thirsty a drink is never too far away.

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