Great Information To Keep In The Kitchen

Martha Stewart Kitchen Measurement Guides - Baking Pan Measurements, Measuring Equivalents and Candy Making Temperatures. This is a handy reference to print and laminate.


Print PDF 1 x blikkie kondensmelk 3 x blikkies water 3 x eiers, geskei 4 x…

Grain to water ratios

If you know the basic method to cooking grains (boil water, add grain, lower to a simmer and cover the pot until the grain absorbs all the moisture) then these water-to-grain ratios are all you cooking tips guide

Klits 1 blikkie koue Idealmelk [in yskas oornag] styf. Voeg 1 blik kondensmelk by en ook 1 blikkie, 290 gr, dessert room. Klits goed deur en voeg dan 160 ml Nesquick by [enige geur] en ook knippie sout, Klits baie goed. Gooi oor in plastiekbak en plaas 45 minute in vrieskas. Klits weer goed deur

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Valentine& Day is almost here! Alex and I are 6 days from leaving our little farmhouse in Maine and heading back to the West Coast, so things here have been a lit