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Best thing I've read in ages.

Timeless & wonderful: ‎Life Lessons‬ Advice from an Man - Culture,inspirational,Life Hacks Source: Pat Divilly

"Is it possible to enhance your mental health with every day actions? Learn 8 things you can do every day to enhance your mental health." www.HealthyPlace.com

At Team Verve, we know that spiritual & mental health contributes greatly to our success

Using mantras in the morning will help stop your internal dialogue before it has a chance to ruminate when you wake up. Here are 5 mantras that will ignite internal conscious connection and get your day started on the right foot.

A great way to enhance your morning routine is to incorporate a Sanskrit mantra. Begin your mantra meditation by focusing on your intention, goal or desire.

4 Daily Mantras For Avoiding Negativity

4 Daily Mantras For Avoiding Negativity Let your love send off so much positive energy that it shifts the vibration in the room.