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i want to spend my entire winter in this room, on that couch, looking out those windows.

I would have the couch face the view. I would also like the couch to be dark leather and more rounded than square! I chose this picture for the view and couch, but I would like a more modern/futuristic look.

Sunken shower!!! Coolest thing ever

Coolest thing ever. This would be the best bathtub. Has anyone else wanted to swim in a clear shower. Like a shower like this and then fill it up really high when it is to the middle of the glass and then swim in it?

Basement hidden room. In MN. I would totally use this is a survival/panic room.

Basement hidden room, a survival/panic room. Maybe have several hidden entrances to it around the house. Stock it with survival supplies like bottled water, non-perishable food, first aid kit.

I want a secret room, in my closet

Hidden reading room - love the idea of old school hidden rooms and corridors and fake wall/doors. Oh yes the perfect book shelves and then a place to read without being found. My idea of heaven.

sleepover room, the whole floor is a bed.

sleepover room, the whole floor is a bed.<<< yes please! I love this! And just cover the entire thing with tons of blankets and pillows and just watch a movie or some tv shows!:)<<<< yes!

sleepover room

What a cute idea for a guest or kids bedroom! The link is for the bedding (it's cute too) but I LOVE the beds!

Love the idea for bed on the bottom and area up top!.... Lol if I'm ever rich in life, I'm totally doing this for my son

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