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"- Wonder Forest -: Probably the easiest DIY lip gloss ever! Trade Vaseline for coconut oil, use that blush that was just too bright for me! And another from the compact that got dropped and broke into crumbles :)" I never made this because I don't like to use vaseline, but now I will do it with coconut oil, thanks for the recipe! -

The easiest DIY lip gloss ever! You will need: - Vaseline - Powdered eye shadow or blush - Small empty container - Small mixing utensil Fill your container with Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Sprinkle your favourite eyeshadow or blush on top.

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Keep paint in squeeze ketchup bottles! It helps kids get more paint without making a massive mess at home or in the classroom. Plus, you can buy paint in bulk and save money by reusing empty ketchup bottles! *A recycle item--to remember!