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a hallway with the words reader sos how do i decorate a long hallway?
Reader SOS – How Do I Decorate a Long Hallway?
Today’s design dilemma comes from Stef. She purchased her home last year and is unsure about what to do with her long hallway. As you’ll soon see, she has a very long span of wall from her front door all the way to the back of her home. It’s prime real estate to do something really beautiful. Let’s take a look at her submission…
a woman standing under a pergola in front of a white building with the title how i installed a louvered pergola by myself
How I Installed A Louvered Pergola By Myself
How I Installed A Louvered Pergola By Myself
the front cover of a book with many bottles and glasses on it
Reader SOS – Solutions for Awkward Spaces
Reader SOS – Solutions for Awkward Spaces
a person holding a container with the word dad on it
dad's token tin - Eighteen25
dad's token tin
4th of July Pinwheel Hairclips Summer Crafts, Patchwork, Hair Bows, 4th Of July, Festive Crafts, Patriotic Crafts, 4th Of July Party, Crafts For Kids, Patriotic Holidays
4th of July Pinwheel Hairclips - Eighteen25
4th of July Pinwheel Hairclips
two red, white and blue knitted stars sit on pedestals next to each other
patriotic stars - Eighteen25
DIY Patriotic Stars for the 4th of July
a woman sitting on top of a couch with a laptop in her lap and the words, you're a homeowner, but do you know how to take care of your home?
A Home Maintenance Checklist For Every Homeowner
Want to keep your home running smoothly and avoid costly repairs? I'm sharing my home maintenance checklist with monthly tasks. Plus, a way to organize all of your home documents and manuals.
kitchen cleaning supplies are arranged on top of each other
How To Deep Clean Your Dishwasher (Easy Step-by-Step)
Cleaning supplies to clean your dishwasher and garbage disposal. Your dishwasher cleans your dishes, but who cleans your dishwasher? I walk you through the easy steps to deep clean your dishwasher so it runs efficiently.
we would be muffins without you dad's tag on the front of it
We Would Be Muffin Without You Dad - Eighteen25
Here’s one more fun little gift idea to surprise Dad with on Father’s Day. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be a common factor in all our ideas this year… they include food! haha… More
the diy playbook is designed to help kids learn how to use their furniture
Reader SOS – Family-Friendly Basement
Today’s design dilemma comes from Jenna. She moved into a new home earlier this year with her family and is struggling with her new basement. There’s a lot of space (I’m jealous!) and they even have a really cool bar down there. Overall, she needs to get some furniture and decor pieces to make it feel complete. Let’s take a look at the space…
a cookie with a mustache on it sitting next to a tag that says, dad's secret stash
Dad's Secret Stash - Eighteen25
Dad's Secret Stash Free Printable Tags
the best tips and ideas for decorating your bedroom
The Best Tips and Ideas For Decorating Your Bedroom
The Best Tips and Ideas For Decorating Your Bedroom
a white wall with black and white pictures hanging on it, next to the words expensive art ideas for your home
Inexpensive Art Ideas for Your Home
When it comes to art for your home, there are many ways you can go. I’m all about curating a home art collection, featuring artists that move and inspire you. However, I believe that you can simultaneously find inexpensive art for your home if you get a little creative! And those pieces can be just as special. I’ve been practicing most of these ideas for years, but I realized that I’ve kinda glossed over them when featuring my home, so I wanted to compile them into one blog post.
a woman is standing on the stairs in her home
My Evening Home Habits
Evening Home Habits for Cleaning + Tidying