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Onion Juice + Curry Leaves Hair Mask to Regrow hair from roots & get long thick strong hair  This hair rinse & hair mask  is a combination of Curry leaves, onion juice , ginger and fenugreek seeds and is an extremely useful remedy for fast hair growth. This remedy will not only solve all hair related problems like hair thinning, hair loss, bald patches, it will also stop........
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Baking soda is an ingredient known for its wide spectrum of uses whose popularity has been on the increase as there have been new findings regarding its healing potentials. Namely, among other thin…
Ever felt as though your brush has more hair than your scalp does? It can be disheartening to deal with hair loss, and see your tresses thinning over time. There is one ingredient that has lain unconsidered and overlooked – the humble onion. Inexpensive and readily available, onions can be the end to all of your hair woes. To know the why and how, read on! #Hairgrowth
Notice slow hair growth? It might be due to clogged hair follicles, especially if you have oily skin. Deep Cleanse Your Scalp with Essential Oils and Coconut Oil
How to use onions to stimulate hair growth -
Most of us know honey as an alternative sweetener contributing to a healthier lifestyle. But who knew that slathering the sticky, sweet substance onto your hair could help? Okay, some of you probably did know honey has conditioning properties. But did you know that it’s also a great ingredient for boosting hair growth?
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