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Dr Diana Du Plessis shares the knowledge and experience garnered from the research of Philips Mother & Child; along with her past 19 years in private midwifery clinical practice; to provide insight, guidance and advice to readers on all things related to mother and child.

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Everybody wants to know the secret - Top tips to help baby sleep from Motehr & Child with Phillips Help Baby Sleep, Midwifery, Mother And Child, Royalty Free Images, Kids Fashion, Stock Photos, Columns, Children, Tips

Top Tips for helping baby sleep

The early months with your newborn can be very tiring but it’s important that you also try to get enough shut-eye. It is estimated that new parents can lose between 400 and 750 hours sleep in their

What are your thoughts on breastfeeding in public? Mother & Child with Phillips shares some helpful tips for nursing anywhere Attachment Theory, Breastfeeding In Public, Midwifery, Mother And Child, Quality Time, Things To Know, Kids Fashion, Writer, Columns

Breastfeeding in public

Every now and then, a news report or story relating to breastfeeding in public pops up and what ensues is usually a heated debate about whether it’s a natural thing or should be seen as taboo. The

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Tips to take care of toddler teeth

If you celebrate Easter, it is certainly an exciting time for kids – not only is there the excitement of seeing the Easter Bunny, but egg hunts are sure to get the giggles and fun going. And of cou

A nutritionist (and mom of triplets!) gives tried-and-true tips for getting your kids to eat vegetables, drink milk, try new foods, and more. Every single day, I deal with picky eaters both Baby Food Recipes, New Recipes, Food Tips, Toddler Vegetables, Eating Vegetables, Kids Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Balanced Diet, Picky Eaters

Creating A Balanced Diet for Toddlers

Once your baby is up on its feet – there’s no stopping their curiosity as they always want to be on the go. In fact, toddlers use up lots of energy, and need a good balance of nutrients and protein

Study links gestational diabetes to lack of sleep in pregnant women - Deccan Chronicle Tips For Pregnant Women, Clothes For Pregnant Women, Massage Bebe, Baby Massage, Pregnancy Outfits, Pregnancy Tips, Prenatal Massage, Exercise During Pregnancy, Mother Earth News

Things to Know on your Pregnancy Journey

Welcome back to Mother & Child with Philips. This month sees both Pregnancy Awareness week and Pregnancy Education week being a focus for South Africans, so we are focusing on things you should

Recipes for Baby’s First Finger Foods & Baby Led Weaning Foods Baby Snacks, Baby Led Weaning, Baby First Finger Foods, Force Feeding, Weaning Foods, 8 Month Old Baby, Introducing Solids, Stopping Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding Baby

Whipping up Solid Foods – preparation is key

You have finally reached that stage where you can start introducing your baby to solid foods. This opens up a world of opportunity for new recipes and food ideas – and while you don’t need to be a

Global Baby Teethers Market Research Report - Radiant Insights

Spotting the teething gremlin

Did you know that your baby’s first teeth start to develop before they’re even born? Scary stuff especially as you only really stop to think about it when they start teething – and boy can th