Mother & Child with Phillips

Dr Diana Du Plessis shares the knowledge and experience garnered from the research of Philips Mother & Child; along with her past 19 years in private midwifery clinical practice; to provide insight, guidance and advice to readers on all things related to mother and child.
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Top Tips to help your baby sleep

Everybody wants to know the secret - Top tips to help baby sleep from Motehr & Child with Phillips

Breastfeeding in public - making YOU comfortable

Mother & Child with Phillips shares helpful tips for nursing anywhere

MC Toddler teeth

You want to keep your little one's smile bright & their body healthy; taking care of toddler teeth is a critical component here - here are 10 tips to help!

Balanced diet

Canada's Child and Family Nutrition Expert, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, nutrition counselling Calgary

Pregnancy Journey

Ensuring you are armed with invaluable information during your pregnancy journey will mean both you and baby are healthy

Preparing solid foods

The adorable messy❤️ Mumsix Bibs are different than all others with their adjustable spandex collar-keeps the messy on the bib👍🏼

Mother & Child 1 Teething

Teething is unavoidable; the best you can do is identify the symptoms and try to make the process as easy as possible.

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