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Affordable winter fashion for kids on The Kids Style FIle

Best buys for your littles’ winter wardrobes

And we are back with The Kids Style File with Lindsay! It has been a busy couple of months around our parts, but as the weather is turning colder it was time for an update for you! Here we go with

Awesome Superhero themed party ideas from Let's Party with Cindy

Let’s Party like a Superhero

Hi I’m Cindy, and I’m back with another awesome party theme to share. Being a mom of 3 means I get to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes – planning awesome themed parties! The bene

Max at Night by Ed Vere cover

Book Love – Max at Night

Max at Night by Ed Vere tells the story of Max, who is a very tired kitten. He has already had his milk, brushed his teeth, cleaned his ears, and now he must say goodnight to everyone. And so he st

Baby Led Weaning - what is it and is it for you? Be You by Jonelle

Baby Led Weaning works for me

Welcome back to Be You with Jonelle. I am loving sharing this journey with you and encouraging you to do Motherhood YOUR WAY! We are mothers and we need to stick together! I am tackling a new journ

Everybody wants to know the secret - Top tips to help baby sleep from Motehr & Child with Phillips

Top Tips for helping baby sleep

The early months with your newborn can be very tiring but it’s important that you also try to get enough shut-eye. It is estimated that new parents can lose between 400 and 750 hours sleep in their

Mom Moments with Megan Kelly shares 3 tips to show your feet some love

3 tips for pretty toes in winter

It’s no secret that in summer, we tend to shave a little more often and spend time making pretty toes with a fresh pedicure. After all, shorts and sandals look much better when we’re freshly groome

Book Love with Cassey & Keiden reviews 'My New Home' by Marta Altés

Book Love – My New Home

Moving house can be a real challenge for little people. It is a lot of change and can be very overwhelming and scary. We at Book Love with Cassey & Keiden found this amazing book at our local l

11 people your child needs in their life in Lists & Learning with Tamarah

11 People your child needs in their life

We all want the absolute best for our little bundles. Sadly, as parents, we can’t offer our children the great variety of experience and input they need, alone. This might be a good thing, as

Finding work-life balance as a working mom in our new column Mothering in Heels with Lindi

Mothering in Heels

Welcome to Mothering in Heels with Lindi! There are huge numbers of working moms out there, trying to find some kind of balance and joy in the small spaces between working and being a mom. I’m Lind

Pylones South Africa review in Things to Do

Things To Do in Sandton – Pylones

Tums 2 Tots Online was invited to the launch of the gorgeous new Pylones store in Sandton City. We sent our amazing Joburg columnist Zoe Hawkins to check it out. Here’s what she had to say

Mother & Child with Phillips shares helpful tips for nursing anywhere

Breastfeeding in public

Every now and then, a news report or story relating to breastfeeding in public pops up and what ensues is usually a heated debate about whether it’s a natural thing or should be seen as taboo. The

Mom Moments with Megan Kelly says take a cold shower!

Take a cold shower – it’s good for your health!

Would you think I was crazy if I told you to spend one of your precious mom moments and take a cold shower? Until recently, I would have agreed, but here we are… Mom Moments with Megan Kelly

Mother's Day Carft - A Big Hug for granny

A big hug for granny this Mother’s Day

If ever you were looking for the perfect time to get crafty, Mother’s Day is it! And we at Crafting Corner with Ella have been very focused on getting our little humans crafting for the perfe

Be You with Jonelle looks at how we lose ourselves in motherhood

We are more than just mothers

Be You with Jonelle is back and today I am looking at how we tend to lose ourselves when we become mothers, and how important it is to be you even after you welcome a little person into your world.

Style Your Bump with Lindsay put together an affordable maternity fashion wardrobe for the pregnant mommy on a budget

Style Your Bump ~ Affordable maternity fashion

Welcome back to Style Your Bump with Lindsay! My tips for Styling your bump are still very much in evidence, I have just focused a little more on finding the most affordable maternity fashion in So

6 steps to mummy wellness survival with Simply Wellness with Carla

The Mummy Wellness Guide – 6 Steps to Survival

Welcome to another instalment of Simply Wellness with Carla. As a stay at home mummy to a very busy little boy, I know the challenges of trying to follow a healthy diet, stay energised and fit in t