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Negotiation Tactics, Strategies, and Principles: A Negotiation Briefings Special Report | Negative Emotions and Business Negotiations

Negotiating Skills and Negotiation Tactics – Body Language in the Negotiation Process: Confront Your Anxiety, Improve Your Results

Developing apps won’t make your business a leader in mobile marketing these days. But you can’t afford not to have a mobile strategy. Developing an app may sound scary. But there are many tools that could help you with the process. This infographic by ASOProfessional.com shows how you can create your own apps:

Best App Creation Tools - Usually we think that creating or developing an app is difficult. Well, think twice, now a days it is getting faster and cheaper everyday. There is a huge range of app creation tools, and in this infographic we want to inspire y

Herramientas comunes en uso de geodatos

Data mining and visualization are some of the most critical parts of a data science project. This article also lists some commonly used tools for these tasks.

52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life

Are you looking to do life at a comfortable pace and spend more of your days with the people you love? 52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life

5 year plan example

Career infographic & Advice 3 goals you need: Life Goals. Image Description 3 goals you need: Life Goals. 5 Year Plan, Daily Go