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Toby se hou deegies reg en 'n oop vuur dan maak die gaste hulle eie roosterkoeke met jams en kase en so aan :) :) sjoe man dis darem lekker so van die vuur af, gun geinskep storie nie eet net. South African Braai, South African Dishes, South African Recipes, Africa Recipes, Braai Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Oven Recipes, Recipies, Kos

Roosterkoek - a South African braai essential - Cooksister | Food, Travel, Photography

Roosterkoek are South African yeast dough rolls that are baked over the coals of a barbecue - eaten hot off the grill with plenty og butter they make a delicious addition to any summer braai (barbecue).

This nifty map includes everything from American hot dogs to Chinese lap cheong. American Hot Dogs, How To Make Sausage, Sausage Making, Types Of Meat, Success, Information Graphics, Guys Be Like, E Cards, Data Visualization

Sausage Around the World

Sausage is an internationally popular type of meat, traditionally consisting of ground pork or beef encased in animal intestine. It can be eaten fresh

How to Braai: Boerewors (Sausage) & Chops Pretoria, Braai Recipes, South Afrika, Sausage, Bbq, Harvest, Kitchen, African, Youtube

How to Braai: Boerewors (Sausage) & Chops

How to Braai: Boerewors (Sausage) & Chops

There is little more sacred to South Africans than braaing. It is such a beautiful component to our lives that there is a very particular hierarchy for those involved. Pay attention now! Braai Recipes, Side Dish Recipes, South African Braai, Biltong, Side Dishes For Bbq, Sausage Recipes, Etiquette, Pay Attention, I Foods

South African Braai Etiquette

South African Braai Etiquette - shared with me by a "Tong Master"

Looking for a quick dinner or a delicious dessert? Search through our vast range of Pick n Pay recipes and get cooking like a pro. South African Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, My Favorite Food, Favorite Recipes, Braai Recipes, Camping Dishes, Sandwiches, Grilled Seafood, Recipe Search

Braaibroodjie baguettes - a brilliant twist on the traditional braaibroodjie. #FreshLiving

What food to pack for a camping trip, what to cook and eat that does not need re. What food to pack for a camping trip, what to cook and eat that does not need refrigeration. Camp food should be easily portable and enough for hungry camper

Tent Camping: Food and Meals

What food to pack for a camping trip; things to cook and eat that do not need refrigeration.

South African braai favourite- braai broodjies cheese, onion, tomato salt peper and packed on the grill / braai. Braai Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Oven Recipes, Cooking Ideas, Food Ideas, Recipies, South African Braai, South African Recipes, Ethnic Recipes

Braai Recipes

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 The word "braaivleis" - SiteWeb - Proudly South-African. The word "braaivleis" Proudly South-African. The word "braaivleis" - Donut Recipes, Brunch Recipes, Game Recipes, South African Braai, Food Tags, South African Recipes, Roasted Meat, Lamb Chops, Cook Off

Food from the deep south

I am delighted to see that this blog is now dealing with one of my favorite topics – food! And an interesting topic it is in the South Afr...