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From Used Tires to a Suit of Armor ;)

Rubberized Bicycle Tube Armor for Joan of Arc - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS - Hi Guys!This is a suit of armor made entirely out of cardboard and bicycle tubes, styled after the style of armor that Joan of Arc would have worn.

Good idea for outside benches:  Tire Chair

Why is so important to know how to reuse old tires? Old tires are normally thrown out or at the very least end up sitting around in the garage or yard collecting dust. Disposing of old tires is a g…

Building with tires is good for the environment - but I'm not sure about the homeowners.  As the tires slowly break down they're releasing chemicals into the home.  If you build with tires be sure to seal them completely for at least a partial barrier of protection.

Tires are the main building component of ecological houses known as ‘earthships’., they're also ideal as low-cost housing in third world countries. 30 Eco-Chic Houses Made of 10 Types of Recycled Materials.