Fit women: Would you? Or would you run? (35 Photos)

amazing body of Hilary Swank in sprint via Vanity Fair mag photo from Million Dollar Babe; photo by Norman Jean Roy

No Fear

Our ongoing documentation of Jeremiah Knupp going from street rider to road racer continues as he looks to AMA pro Geoff May for insight and inspiration.

Never Surrender

Bike, Run or Ski across the Arrowhead region of Northern Minnesota.


If you would like to improve the quality of communication then listen. Literally click the link and listen to the video, it will improve you communication abilities.

Seek First To Understand

Day #160 Tip - Seek first to Understand, Then Seek to be Understood

To Serve

It's been nearly half a century since Leonard Nimoy first played the logical half-human, half-Vulcan Mr. Spock on the TV series "Star Trek," a role that has .