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an indoor courtyard is lit up at night
The best summer hiking gear
a bedroom with two beds and a desk
Gallery of Campus Varaždin Student Dormitory / SANGRAD+AVP architects - 16
a small house made out of wood in the grass
Contemporary Mountain Chalet - Matheus da Costa Argollo - Learn V-Ray
the inside and outside of a small cabin with stairs leading up to the second floor
Five Cabins You Can Order From Amazon and Have Delivered to Your Door (Some Assembly Required Though)
a row of wooden cabins sitting on top of a lush green field
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the brick buildings have red roofs and are lined with greenery on either side of the walkway
Qville cohousing project in Essen (BE) - B-architecten
an aerial view of houses in the woods
Collective by Hans Logren / 500px
an aerial view of a town with lots of houses
Changing the Way We View Homelessness - BSB Design