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Gods Generals: The Roaring Reformers by LIARDON ROBERTS. $16.45. 416 pages…

Gods Generals: The Roaring Reformers by Roberts Liardon. About the book: The basic truths of the Protestant faith, the things you believe and base your life on, were not always accepted and readily taught.

The Genesis Code - Christian Movie/Film on DVD.

The Genesis Code A college hockey player and a female journalism student struggle to find common ground with their spiritual faith and scientific studies. Logan Bartholomew, Kelsey Sanders, C.TS Christian

Good Soil - Christian Movie/Film on DVD.

Good Soil [DVD] - - Ships from Europe brought Christianity to the shores of Japan in For nearly 100 years the seeds of faith grew under the watchful gaze of the shogun. But the fear of foreign i

Great Gain - Christian Movie/Film on DVD.

Great Gain - Christian Movie/Film on DVD.

Girl in Progress - Christian Movie/Film on DVD.

Grace (Eva Mendes) neglects to give her daughter, Ansiedad (Cierra Ramirez) the attention she desperately needs.

The Glass Window - Christian Movie/Film on DVD.

The Glass Window - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD


TECH Christian Movie / As the world approaches the year 2028 Christians have found themselves increasingly marginalised, a process that began imperceptibly some fifteen years earlier.

The Gospel of John - Christian Movie/Film on DVD.

The Gospel of John A word-for-word dramatization of the Gospel testament of Jesus (Henry Ian Cusick) as written by His apostle John; narrated by Christopher Plummer. (Uses the Good News Bible translation; part of the Visual Bible Series)

Great Controversy on

Great Controversy - Christian Movie Film, Online Web Series SDA / A mercenary suffering from post traumatic stress disorder seeks answers to his ex-wife's death.

Grandma’s URN on

Grandma's URN - Christian Movie / A family sets out on a crazy road trip to help their grandpa grant his only wish. With a broken down RV, an urn full of ashes, and an unruly goat, what could go wrong?