Fun Lacquer Blessing Nail Polish from Live Love Polish.

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A really cute gradient and polka dot Purple nail art design. Paint on different sizes of polka dots as well as a candy colored gradient effect on your nails to make it really fun and interesting.

Purple, blue and pick and Aztec nails! The most beautiful nails I have ever seen!

Be crazy and funky with this bright colored nail art design, the nails are colored with salmon, white and black combination which is very pleasing to the eye. A very unique sand simple style that you can easily recreate on your own nails.

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Emerald green and Glitter!

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Every New Year's Eve we spend countless hours trying to out-sparkle our friends with glittery dresses, eyeshadows, shoes- you name it. But this year, 10 small things are about to become first on our list, our fingernails.

If only I knew how to pain my nails.