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Changing Colors in Crochet
Another way to swap to a new color!
Love those scraps
Love those scraps
crochet flower basket ornament hanging on a string with text overlay
Crochet Flower Basket Car Hanging Pattern
Crochet Flower Basket Car Hanging|hookok
Chunky Couching Stitch
Hello! How about this for a cute textured design? I’ve used a 200g super soft chunky yarn to create the lettering, it’s machine washable and so lovely to work with. It’s created such a lovely contrast to the embroidery threads. I’ve embroidered the stripes with 3 stitches to secure the yarn in place. Essentially it’s the couching stitch 😊
a bird made out of fabric sitting on top of a gray shirt with yellow legs
Crochet Pattern
Crochet adding
a baby sleeping in a crochet bunny blanket
Bunny Crochet Baby Blanket (Free Pattern) - Maisie and Ruth
Bunny Crochet Baby Blanket (Free Pattern) - Maisie and Ruth
a white knitted object being held in someone's hand
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