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an old brick building with many windows on the front and side, along with people standing outside
A.C. Lantz Company :: Mansfield
Front view of the A. C. Lantz Co. Sold dry goods and clothing in Mansfield, Ohio, circa 1913.
an old log cabin in the woods with autumn leaves on the ground and trees around it
The Blockhouse, Mansfield, Ohio. Photo taken by Mike Bugg Photography.
the inside of an old jail cell with bars and windows on each side, in front of a checkerboard floor
Ohio State Reformatory continues to spook guests with overnight ghost hunts - Gadling
Ohio State Reformatory central guard room. What a truly intimidating, if not haunted, place!
the inside of a jail cell building with bars and railings on each side,
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Ohio State Reformatory, aka Mansfield Prison, aka Shawshank
an old photo of the outside of a building
Mansfield, OH- The coliseum in all its glory. Spent many weekends here. Miss that place. @Amanda Wilson Reece
an old photo of men standing next to a horse drawn cart in front of a building
News Aviation Meet--Curtis Machine :: Mansfield
Pilot Beckworth Havens at the controls of his Curtis flying machine at the Richland County Fairgrounds off Springmill Street in Mansfield, Ohio. The Mansfield News sponsored the event, which was cancelled once due to poor weather. Charles F. Walsh brought the Curtis Machine back on June 21,22 and flew over the city, the baseball park and the reformatory.
an aerial view of a large building surrounded by trees
historic photograph
mansfield reformatory mansfield, ohio one of the 100 scariest places in the US. the shawshank redemption was filmed here.
an old black and white photo of people standing in front of a building with windows
Wappner Furniture and Undertaking :: Mansfield
Four men stand in the doorway of Wappner Furniture and Undertaking on South Park Street in Mansfield, Ohio.
an old postcard shows people walking down the street in front of tall buildings and cars
Postcards of the Past
Mansfield, Ohio
a lush green field with trees and flowers in front of a large brick building on a sunny day
Ohio Archives - Page 2 of 33 - Travel Inspired Living
9 Reasons to Staycation in Mansfield, Ohio
an old black and white photo of a house in the snow with trees around it
Oak Hill Gothic Victorian Home in Mansfield Ohio
an old black and white photo of cars driving down the street in front of buildings
H.L. Reed Storefront :: Mansfield
View of N. Park St. near Mansfield, Ohio's H.L. Reed building circa 1950. Includes Stone's Grill, Woolworths and several 1950's cars.
an old jail cell in the middle of a building
The Block
'The Block' This remains the largest free standing cell block in the USA at 6 tiers. Built between 1886 and 1910 the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH, remained in operation until 1990. Photo by John Crouch on July 2, 2012.