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an aerial view of the resort and beach area with text overlaying it that reads bliss out on peninsulaia papagayo in costa rica
Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica
This remote part of Costa Rica's north Pacific coast offers the perfect mix of luxury and serenity—and some of the most stunning sunsets in the country. Book a room at the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo to make the most of it all. You’ll spend your days lounging poolside at the resort, ziplining in the nearby jungle, or exploring the ocean with a snorkel or stand-up paddle board.
a woman sitting on top of a surfboard in front of the ocean with text reading hit the waves at tamarindo's surf camps in costa rica
Tamarindo's Surf Camps, Costa Rica
Want to hit the waves yourself? Costa Rica’s coast is packed with surf schools that’ll help you get the hang of it. Try La Muda Surf School, in Tamarindo, where you can rent a board, take lessons, or just watch others partake in the waves. Even advanced surfers will benefit from an afternoon here to improve their skills—and this particular surf school caters to everyone from first-timers to those who have been surfing for years.
the costa rica explorer's arenaal volcano national park is featured in this image
Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica
One of the most impressive things about Costa Rica is the vast variety of landscape—you’ll find everything from sandy beaches to jungle to volcanoes. To see the latter, head to Arenal, one of the island’s most impressive active volcanoes. You can hike on the volcano itself to see hardened lava flows, as well as explore the larger region around the national park, which features a 200-foot-tall waterfall and white-water rafting.
a man riding a surfboard on top of a wave in the ocean with words costa rica watch the pros at playa puerto viejo
Playa Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Known for its aggressive waves, this popular area is usually packed with skilled surfers and those looking for a lively scene. Grab a spot sand-side and watch the action all afternoon as a spectator, or head over to one of the calmer surrounding beaches like Playa Chiquita or Playa el Chino if you’re looking to embark on your own snorkeling or swimming adventure.
an aerial view of trees and water with the words embrace costa rican nature in tortuquero national park
Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica
When you want a break from the beach (does anyone, ever?) head to the jungle. A must visit? Tortuguero, a national park with 77,000 acres of complex jungle terrain. Inside the national park, you can hike to your heart’s content; spot fascinating wildlife like three-toed sloths, poison dart frogs, and spider monkeys; and zipline through the trees. Okay, maybe we do want an excursion away from the beach, after all.
an old building with the caption explore the city in san jose, costa rica
San Jose, Costa Rica
City lovers will enjoy a visit into town to absorb some of the vibrant culture of Costa Rica. San Jose has a lot to offer, from boutique hotels and stellar shopping to delicious restaurants. Spend time scoping out the city's architecture and don’t miss out on some of the best coffee the island has to offer. A visit to Mercado Central while you’re there won’t disappoint for a cup of Costa Rican joe paired with local fare.
the costa rican adventure guide is shown in front of a mountain with clouds and trees
6 Costa Rican Adventures
Whether you want surf, jungle, or city.
an iphone photo with the text make sedona az travel priority this december
December Travel in Sedona, AZ
December in Sedona means crisp blue skies during the day and cozy fires at night. Explore this perfect winter getaway below.
a field full of purple flowers with the words romantic getaways you'll find only in texas
Romantic Getaways in Texas, USA
Fine wine, long walks, and more are in store at 5 romantic getaways in Texas.
a waterfall with the words worth it waterfalls to check out in mauai, hawaii explore more
Maui, Hawaii
From easy-to-reach falls to worth-it treks, check out all of these amazing waterfall getaways.
a field full of purple flowers under a cloudy sky
Romantic Getaways in Texas, USA
Fine wine, long walks, and more are in store at 5 romantic getaways in Texas.
a tall waterfall in the middle of a lush green forest
Maui, Hawaii
From easy-to-reach falls to worth-it treks, check out all of these amazing waterfall getaways.
a small cabin in the middle of a forest
The Catskills, Upstate NY
Delhi is a beautiful, rural area with farmland that’s spectacular in summer.
a bench sitting on the shore of a lake
The Catskills, Upstate NY
several boats are docked in the water next to some buildings and blue sky with white clouds