Stig Rasmussen

Stig Rasmussen

Stig Rasmussen
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The Foldable Bucky Bowl by Peter Hils is Designed for Pulpo

Peter Hils - Entitled ‘Bucky’, this clever and foldable bowl design by Peter Hils pays homage to the Japanese paper art of Origami. The collapsible .

The Shine Of Metal Art Adds Edginess and Interest To Home Decor

Metal art is a great way to add spice to the life of your home decor. It's entirely your choice whether you add metal in the form of furniture, accessories

Metal furniture inspired by Brazilian Lace Embroidery casts shadows as cool at the items themselves.

The Renda Perforated Metal Furniture by Bianca Barbato Design is a collection consisting of a chair, ottoman, tray and armchair which cast beautiful shadows

Tabula Rasa Desk Organizer | moddea

I just added to My wish list this simple and smart, inspired by the art of origami, steel desk organizer by ADAM + HARBORTH Design.


This geometric waste bin, designed by Grace Youngeun Lee, opens up in an incredibly clever way and honors clean lines and minimalism, despite the mess that may sit inside it.