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the blue lights are shining on the rocks
Glowworms light up the Waitomo Caves, whose limestones caverns are scared to the Maori, on New Zealand's North Island. Find out more in our May issue where we explore NZ's wild corners by campervan - out now! Photo by Justin Foulkes #NZ #newzealand #waitomo #cave
a tunnel filled with lots of green lights
a cave filled with lots of blue lights
A New Zealand Cave Lit Solely by Glow Worms - Awesome
the earth is illuminated by its reflection in the glass bowl that sits on it's side
Levitating Globes: Rotating Globes, MOVA Globes
City Lights 10" Globe - Rotates & Shows the City Lights of the World Zoom
a painting of a tree with colorful lights on it's trunk and reflection in the water
Fairy Lights