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Sometimes less is more. This is relevant of both fashion accessories and our selection of Instagram posts. This week in our best and worst #mensfashion shots we've got creepy hats, white Hermes belts and an amazing green suit. Enjoy.  For more men's fashion inspiration follow us on Instagram.

Green suits are super rare and mostly out of good reason. These suits thou are pretty good looking. I guess it’s mainly a cultural thing that we wear blue suits instead of green.

All the right details. Love the shade of blue in this suit. #tunein #masterfulmix #Zappos

First of all, pulling off a light blue suit. But also, this shirt/sock combo is genius.

I like this look on men...minus the rolled up jeans

This is another way i can wear the jeans and white shirt with the dark sweater one. Sort of formalize it abit with the shoes and belt combo. Love this casual style - a blazer, denim, crisp white shirt and great shoes.