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Chakalaka - spicy South African vegetable side-dish; great with grilled food -


Chakalaka - spicy South African vegetable side-dish.

West African Chicken and Peanut Stew with Chiles, Ginger, and Green Onions - It's easy since it starts with a rotisserie chicken. - This one is always requested by my 16 yr. old son.
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West African Chicken Stew – Kalyn's Kitchen

West African Chicken Stew is a quick low-carb dinner with interesting flavors, and the peanut flavor in the sauce comes from peanut butter!

South African Tomato Stew (Tamatie bredie) - I want to make this but I'm not sure about the 'lamb necks' - I wonder if I could just use another cut of lamb with the same results.

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SubscribeGet all our recipes sent to you for FREE! Email addressFirst Name Most South Africans have a memory of Tamatie Bredie (Tomato stew in Afrikaans), but I am not one those South Africans. I absolutely hated stew as a child so whenever it was made, I ate salad or bread instead. I also didn’t like …

Bunny Chow - South African Street Food (basically curry in a loaf of bread)
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Bunny chow - South Africa's own street food - Cooksister | Food, Travel, Photography

**DISCLAIMER** – no fluffy bunnies were harmed in the making of this dish!! Phew. Just thought I'd get that disclaimer out of the may before people started hurling abuse, shoes or frying pans 🙂 Street food – it's such a great concept. Something cheap and readily available, sold on the streets in a portable format, and […]

Potjiekos (pot food) is a yummy South African stew that is traditionally prepared outside.
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Fascinating South African Food Adventure, South Africa Food Safari

The South African food scene offers a fascinating variety of delicious dishes. Join us on an exciting South Africa food safari.

South African Recipes COCONUT ICE (PRIZE-WINNING) (Nicole Cody)
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South African Recipes COCONUT ICE (PRIZE-WINNING) (Nicole Cody)

slap degie -- a topping to bake atop a stew or curry


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Boerewors stew #Unptretentious #Bonnievalewines

Boerewors stew | Woolworths TASTE

Boerewors stew #Unptretentious #Bonnievalewines

Recipes - I Love Cooking, How to cook South African recipes
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Quick Garlic-Mussel Soup

This soup is so quick and easy because we use a few convenience products here … and feel no guilt, fellow cook: you do not have to make everything from scratch and besides, if you’re a working cook then packets and cans are often your best kitchen aids. But if you use convenience products like stock cubes and packet soups, be careful of adding salt. You could seriously spoil the soup with too much salt. You should be able to get frozen mussel meat and mussels in their shells from most…

Garlic Flat Bread - Old Style & Favourite South-African Recipes
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Garlic-flatbreads SA Recipes | Old Style Recipes Garlic-flatbreads

Favourite South African Recipes :: Garlic-flatbreads

Oh how I love and miss South African food: Scrumptious South Africa: Chakalaka Soup with Little Boerewors Balls on an amazing african food blog!
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Chakalaka Soup with Little Boerewors Balls

My upside down, inside-out version of a much-loved traditional dish. Chakalaka is a highly spiced Southern African vegetable relish usually ...

Locals love oxtail stew.   BelAfrique - Your Personal Travel Planner
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Budget Lamb Curry:  600g stewing lamb, 1 onion,  2 garlic cloves, 1tsp crushed ginger, 2 carrots,  3T Garam Masala (or curry powder). Author uses a mixture of cumin, coriander, paprika, turmeric and chili powder & has all those spices on hand), 1 tin Chopped Tomatoes, 2 tins Water, 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and roughly chopped, (~ 2 cups), 2 cups cooked rice
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Easy and delicious lamb curry - Simply Delicious

Succulent, flavorsome lamb curry cooked low and slow to ensure tender lamb in a rich, aromatic curry sauce is the perfect make-ahead dinner recipe.

When was the last time you had avocado & biltong soup? Come to Mr. Mozzie's to stock up with biltong.

Warm avocado and biltong soup - Cooksister | Food, Travel, Photography

Well, as you have probably by now gathered, I’m back from my glorious three weeks under the African sun, tanned, happy and a bit chubbier than when I left!! 😉 I had such a glorious time – saw tons of people, relaxed by the sea rather a lot, ate some wonderful meals, spent time with […]

Spicy Seafood Potjie _ (mussels, kingklip (or other firm white fish), calamari tubes, and prawns) _ In a sensational sauce. Cooking stews in a three-legged cast iron pot or potjie over coals or open flame is a South African tradition.

Spicy Seafood Potjie

Spicy Seafood Potjie - in a sensational sauce, potjie recipe