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The Streaker butterfly is simply striking in appearance with its basic black body and wings. It's wing and body colouration has a calming appearance. They enjoy woodlands and forest fringes. This species can live for several months. Although extremely rare, this southern species can easily drop into your garden and are a pleasure to watch.THE STREAKER originalcontent tranquilzariba naturephotographyflowerphotography

Flowers are always beautiful, but some are incredibly rare. These flowers in these stunning photos are some of the rarest in the world. Unusual Flowers, Most Beautiful Flowers, Rare Flowers, Wild Flowers, Flowers Nature, Ghost Orchid, Purple Wildflowers, Rare Plants, Flower Pictures
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Endangered Flower Species 9

This flower is named after the visual resemblance of a different creature's body part and is endemic to the Canary Islands. It has nowbecome likely, that it iseither extinctor is close to extinction, in the wild.9. PARROT'S BEAK Image: ranknepal.comThis is because of the sunbird, which is the Parrot's Beak flower's only pollinator - has vanished from the islands. These flowers have rarely been found since the 19th century and they only bloom in full sunshine, during which time they reveal…

REALLY gOOd pics of phipps' corpse flower, romero, in blOOM! Stinkin’ Beautiful: Phipps’ Corpse Flower Has Bloomed - The 412 - August 2013 Rare Flowers, Unique Flowers, Flowers Nature, Exotic Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Titan Arum, Corpse Flower, Rare Plants, World's Most Beautiful
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Endangered Flower Species 8

Unlike the chocolate orchid, this flower's odor is not something you would enjoy, as its smell is compared to rotting flesh. They are parasitic plants, which attach themselves to hosts for their survival The bad smell they emit also serve a useful purpose because it attracts flies and other pollinators.8. CORPSE FLOWER Image by: ranknepal.comThis plant can grow up to 1 meter tall and weigh up to 7 kilograms. There are no points for guessing why it is called the Corpse FlowerDear Reader,"May…

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#Maritime Day @Lacho59

The old fisherman-"To the sea my soul doth stroll, once again to stand upon its golden sands. A stray wave touches wrinkled toes, come hither, it whispers, for a bounty awaits your baited hook..."By-TranquilpenEvery weekend upload images of the sea and its beauty1.Original photos with this topic2. Everything about the sea3. Use this hashtag #Maritime Day @Lacho59I hope you liked the idea, and to enjoy the many wonderful photos.Thanks to everyone who will participate. Waves in action!Dear…

The Ghost Orchid. The Orchid does not have leaves. So it uses chlorophyll in its roots to prepare food. The flower has a ghostly white color hence the name Ghost orchid. The flower reaches upto 25 cm in diameter and has got a clean soapy smell. Strange Flowers, Unusual Flowers, Rare Flowers, Types Of Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Ghost Orchid, Chocolate Cosmos, Cypress Trees, Rare Plants
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Endangered Flower Species 6

This flower was so named because of the peculiar shape of its petals, It is most commonly found in thearea of Florida and the Island of Cuba. Florida is extremely fussy about where it grows. Ghost Orchid Image by: perfectinsider.comThe Ghost Orchid requires some very specific host trees to grow in properly, and conditions need to be pristine for it to flower. This ensures that its flowering times are very unpredictable, so not many people are lucky enough to see this odd flower in all its…

Kadapul flower - most expensive flower in the world plantas em extinção, ar Unusual Flowers, Rare Flowers, Colorful Flowers, Wild Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Flower Images, Flower Photos, Sri Lanka, Purple Wildflowers
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Sri Lanka is where this flower is found where it is generally considered to be the most expensive flower in the world. There are two big reasons for this. Firstly, it pretty much starts dying the moment it's picked.KADAPUL FLOWER Image: perfectinsider.comThe other reason is, that it only ever blooms at midnight before almost immediately starting to whither again and die at dawn. This rarest of flowersis none other than the legendarykadapul flower.Dear reader,"May your life's measuring lines…

Jade vine is found only in the rainforest of the Philippines. The blue to light green flowers are luminous in the dark. Unusual Flowers, Rare Flowers, Green Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Jade Vine, Green To Blue, Vides, Colorful Plants, Rare Plants
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This extremely rare flower is found mostly in the rainforests of the Philippines and also in a few other locations. The flowers are "claw-shaped" and resemble sharp talons, varying in color from light green to blue. Image by: Flickr User Peter CorbettJade Vine grows to about 18m (60 feet) in length and the flowers droop down for pollinationby bats hanging from the trees hosting the plant. The wonderfully colored petals are particularly special at nightwhen after sunset, they become luminous…

Flowers delivery in Moscow: Camelia - Alabama Flower Most Beautiful Flowers, Rare Flowers, Flowers Nature, Pretty Flowers, Colorful Flowers, Unusual Flowers, Flower Names, Rare Plants, Exotic Plants
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This is arguably the rarest flower on the planet. As far as can be ascertained, only two known examples existing anywhere in the world - whether in a protected area or in the wild. Image: presscave.comThe Middlemist Red flower is often considered to be the rarest of all flowers. There is only one in New Zealand and the other is kept at a place called Chiswick House in West London. Many visitors are keen to get a glimpse of this flower's radiant pink petals (the red in the name is something…

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Deranged Tulip

Sometimes a photograph just speaks for itself. Sometimes I don't have a clever quote to add. Occasionally, there is a story behind a photograph that is worth writing about. This is not one of those occasions. Today, this "Deranged Tulip" photograph is of a tulip that was simply disarranged by natural causes. Photograph by: Rachel Hannah

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Nigella damascena gets its common name of Love-in-a-Mist from atangle of fennel like foliage which forms a mist around the flowers. Strangely, Nigella is also called"Devil in the Bush" Nigella in bloom can be recognized by its unique mist of airy foliage. Best known for the vivid blue blossom variety, Nigella also blooms in purple, pinkand white. IMAGE SOURCE: www.maxpexel.comContent by-Tranquilpen© 2017

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I'm up with the sun most days but on other days my snooze button gets pulverized 10 times before I slowly drag my slumbering body out of bed. This is the reason, I am always on the lookout for tips on how to bea morning person, I have discovered a bunch of stuff online that can make waking up a whole lot easier. DAYBREAK RELEASES THE BELEAGUERED CITY FROM THE DARKNESS OF THE NIGHTWith this gadget, you literally wake Up smelling fresh coffee, since this coffee maker is programmable and allows…

Types of Butterfly with Funny Facts - Butterflies play an important role in pollinating the plants, flowers and vegetables that we need on the earth. There are so many types of butterflies and many have unique ways of surviving.

The Water-butterfly#OpenRosesWeekend by Adriano

She wanted to know, how does someone become a butterfly? He thought for a brief moment, then replied:"You must want to fly so very much that you are willing to give up, being a caterpillar."

Over 100 free butterfly pictures & large butterfly images. Find close-up, professional butterfly photos, every color of butterfly pics and butterfly facts. Butterfly Facts, Big Butterfly, Morpho Butterfly, Butterfly Life Cycle, Butterfly Pictures, Butterfly Meaning, Butterfly Place, Rainforest Animals List, Morpho Bleu
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A youngster from the neighborhood with leaves and branches protruding from his pockets and a camouflage headband came into our yard He looked like a camouflaged mini soldier. "What's with the twigs and leaves." I asked.“I’m acting like a tree so butterflies will come to sit on me,” he said. As he waited on the porch, I brought out a huge blue butterfly I’d purchased in Malaysia and hid it behind my back and walked over to him. I then kneeled while carefully pulling out the perfectly…

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"In my opinion, our current literary marketplace is dominated by entropy." TranquilpenWhen I first started writing online, there was no hesitation, not even a second of doubt. I didn’t even consider the possibility that what I wrote, wouldn’t even get me a single comment... I BELIEVED I WAS INCREDIBLESadly, that is exactly what happened. I was totally dumbstruck. Not even one comment. I published post after post, looking to land some recognition for my writing style. Again and again, I…

Halsey, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, and other celebrities will wear white roses to this Sunday’s Grammy Awards in support of the Time’s Up moveme


I heard this moving tale about a white rose and endearing love today 21-03-2017, on a local South African radio station, (RSG). A caller phoned into the studio during a session which covers strange coincidences. The caller preferred to remain anonymous, (let's call him David) here is his fantastic tale of love. CHRISTINE'S WHITE ROSEHe relates, that about 40 years ago, he was madly in love with a beautiful young girl while they were still at school. She was wealthy but he came from the wrong…