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Where to stay in Bali

Where to stay in Bali? This guide provides an overview of all the major tourist hubs to help you choose the best destination for your Bali Holidays.

You are unique. Quote.

Babe, you are unrepeatable. There is something about you that is all your's like magic. You are so funny, you're my best friend and you complete me like no one else.what we have is truly magical! Forever and always, I love you!

...God also speaks loudest in silence, which is a reason why Catholic spirituality cultivates sacred silence (it's also why Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony are accorded first place in and set the standard for the liturgy: it's a quiet sound, but a big one. It is also a sound that is gloriously transcendent and Bigger Than You, while simultaneously being so very intimate: this is precisely the way the Eucharist works).

Never ignore a nudge or whisper from God. This is especially true when someone comes to mind over and over. That is God telling you to PRAY for them. Also, never put it off. Nudges are whispered gifts from God to those who are ready to instantly obey.