irma stern

Irma Stern , The Flower Market, Cape Town (recto); Cape coastal landscape with Cape Malays (verso)

Irma Stern 1939 I have this by my bed and look at it every single day...took me ten years to figure out who it is by! Thank you Google : )

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Irma Stern - Young Man in Turban

Young Arab, a gestural portrait by Irma Stern, has set the record new South African record for a single-auction turnover according to fine art auctioneers Strauss and co.

Irma Stern - Somali Boys

Irma Stern - Somali Boys

Portrait of a Dakar woman By Irma Stern 1938

Artwork by Irma Stern, 2 works: Portrait of a Dakar woman ; Photograph of the artist with the picture, Made of gouache