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Clip Charts

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Courtney Stanley 11/11. This is the clip chart I have chosen for my management plan. I love the idea of the Hall of Fame and the clothes pins. This relates to management because students are able to see where their behavior is at. They are also able to move back up the chart if they move down. There are many chances for rewards with this behavior chart.
Nicole Olver 11/11/2018 This clip chart is very visual and colorful, but the aspect I like the most is that on each color there is the problem, and then what happens because of it. This means students are less confused about their consequences or rewards and will ask less questions about it. There will be a clearer understanding.
Anthony Meneo 9/30/18 The Super Citizen board, not only outlines responsibilities and actions of a good citizen, but also track how students do these actions in the classroom. In classroom management this board could promote ideal actions depending on what was written if the students are provided with an incentive system.

ED 385 Fall 2018

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Nicole Gaetani Date: 3/25/18 These clips charts help the students and teachers keep track of how well they are behavior. They should be able to see what level they are on and then even they fix it by going up or going down.
Asdone Hooper 3-18-18 Classroom jobs are important for each student to feel included and needed at school. This clip chart can come in handy when trying to organize and keep track of who has what job.
Victoria Yazwinsky 2/11/18 This is simple and not over powering to track students behavior. Each student can have a different number so the teacher does not need to display names

ED 385 Spring 2018

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