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Tracey Rowles

Tracey Rowles
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So very true...

” When another person makes you suffer, it is because he/she suffers deeply within self, and his/her suffering is spilling over. He/she does not need punishment; He/she needs HELP. _Thich Naht Hanh” Ooh but he/she can make it hard to want to help.

very true

This verse is from the story of Hannah who was faithful and prayed everyday for The Lord to bless her with a child. She eventually had several children. I believe that somehow, some way, The Lord will bless us with a child of our own.

So true!

My house is not perfect.but it is filled with love.I think back to my mom's house and I don't remember if it was always tidy or not.but I do remember her playing with us and spending time with us.