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Kitchen decor idea
a potted plant in front of a door with wicker circles hanging on the wall
Decocoon Set of 13 Handcrafted Boho Wall Basket Decor, Wicker Wall Decor Suitable for Any Home Style, Vietnamese Basket Wall Decor Set for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen
Easy entry way idea with diy basket wall, get the baskets on Amazon! Click the link to shop these bohemian baskets
Diy Unique Wall Art Decor Idea
textured art tutorial
Did you know that engaging with art paintings can have a positive impact on your mental health? #ArtTherapy Contemporary abstract art Original mixed media portrait painting Black and white metallic colorful textured print Buy unique on canvas bold high-quality prints Minimalist luxury gifts inspiration #AbstractArt #ModernArt #WallArt #HomeDecor #InteriorDesign #DIYCrafts #DIYProjects #DIYDecor #Handmade #Homemade #DIYGifts #ArtInspiration #CreativeArt #Painting #Sketching #AbstractArt
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3D plaster Tutorial by Nicolina
Mop Painting by Carolyn Mara
A six panel mop painting. Set in a wood frame to stablize and hold at distance apart client wanted for framing. Once pieces dry wood removed and six individual pieces framed and hung.
Dreamy clouds on mini canvas
3D Wave Beach Painting DIY Wall Art DIY Canvas Art 3D Wave Beach Texture Wall Painting Ideas