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there is a sign that says the suspense is terrible, hope at leasts on it
Hand lettered framed literary/halloween art
"Hand lettered Oscar Wilde quote for tabletop or wall to celebrate spooky season year round. Hand drawn and hand lettered antique parchment paper. Beautiful oval gothic frame (7.5\" x 9.25\"), glass covered, with attached easel or hanging hook. Display as elegant Halloween decor or a unique addition to your home decor."
a wooden table topped with vases filled with yellow flowers and wood logs next to a chalkboard
When the World is Wrapped in Slumber, Rustic Home Decor, Rustic Halloween Decor, Farmhouse Halloween, Witch Signs, Vintage Halloween Decor - Etsy
a sign with a human skull on it
a sign that is hanging from the side of a building in french writing on it
Gorgeous French Store Sign | Courtney Price