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Jun-ichi Okamoto
Uchimura, Winner of the All Japan KENDO Championship Samurai, Martial Arts Techniques, Ninja, Sword Fight, Japanese Sword, Kendo, Aikido, Black Belt, Karate

61th All Japan KENDO Championship_107


Kendogi & Hakama Set and Bougu Set Japanese Fence, Samurai Warrior, Kendo, Aikido, Roman Empire, Karate, Martial Arts, Sword, Uber

Children of the sword

Little Dick Whittington’s, their brown canvas bags slung over sticks on their shoulders, are converging in the dark, heading for the Mikagurakan. My son was happy for me to carry his bag until he saw the other children. Then, with grumpy embarrassment he took it from me, so that dressed the same, he was now carrying the same as the others, fitting in, belonging. The bamboo sticks become swords when the threshold to the dojo is crossed, and are treated with a seriousness that smells of blood…

  Kendo, Aikido, Human Reference, Human Poses, Figure Sketching, Dynamic Poses, Different Styles, Martial Arts, Samurai

Kendô - PrePara Enem

Kendô, arte marcial japonesa, criação do Kendô, espadas utilizadas no Kendô, pontuação no Kendô, proteções utilizadas no Kendô, o praticante de Kendô, a prática e o ensino do Kendô.

  Kendo, Martial Arts, Japanese, Fitness Exercises, Sword Art, Japanese Language, Combat Sport, Martial Art