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Nonfiction Bundle - Grades 4 - 8 by HappyEdugator | TpT
Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound-complex Sentence Structure BUNDLE
Suffixes for Parts of Speech Bundle by HappyEdugator | TPT


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February Writing Prompts for Kindergarten to Second Grade by The Kinder Kids
Writing a Science Fair Research Paper. How to write a research paper for a science fair. Guidelines for students to write a paper to go with their science fair project or science experiment. Includes steps to success graphic organizer, components of a science research paper, drafting pages, note-car...


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Peak by Roland Smith Introductory PowerPoint Presentation. 34 slides. This book is a fiction story about a boy who climbs Mt. Everest. The PowerPoint introduces students to the novel Peak by Roland Smith. Information about the author of the book, an overview of the plot, a list of main characters, slides on setting (the Woolworth building, Bangkok, Everest and base camp), themes, and a few important vocabulary words to get started. The last slide has students make a prediction about the book and gets them ready to READ! Includes information on climbing Mt. Everest, specialized equipment needed, dangers and expenses, routes to the top with links to video, and a short history of climbing Mt. Everest, including the youngest person to make the summit in 2010. Please see full preview. You can u
Seventh Grade by Gary Soto Multiple Choice Test. Quick quiz or final assessment. Ten multiple choice questions on the short story to check comprehension, making inferences, and some story elements. Short and simple to grade. Includes constructed response (short answer or essay) questions if you wish to have your students write using evidence from the text to support their answer. Answer key included. Excellent story about going back to school in 7th grade. Print and Digital Resource: Includes an Easel Activity ready for learning with digital tools. Assign it online via Google Classroom or share a link. Select the pages to use and add your own directions or notes. Helpful for remote teaching. Also has a self-grading Easel Assessment as another digital option. 17 total pages including digita


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Learning Target Fillable PDF PostersDo you need to post your learning targets? Use these fillable PDF posters for any subject or grade level! Easily fill out, print, and post your Learning Targets in your classroom. Try out the fillable functionality by downloading our preview version!What's included: 8 fillable subject labels (2 per page) 4 fillable learning target posters 4 large coordinating targets 4 coordinating borders Thanks for stopping by!
Drawing Conclusions Text Message Analysis Activity: Making Inferences Worksheets

Language Arts

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United States Scavenger Hunt Handout and Internet Task Cards. Includes a fun fill-in-the-blank geography hunt of the United States, five U. S. maps, and 30 task cards for exploring the internet. On the scavenger hunt sheet, students will need to use a US map (included) and will have to use their map skills to answer the questions. There are 30 blanks worth 3 points each, and one bonus question. Answer Key included. Also includes 30 internet task cards and a recording sheet. Digital and Print: Includes an Easel Activity ready for learning with digital tools.
Geography Vocabulary Cards - Key Terms to Understand. 84 geography vocabulary terms on bright and colorful chevron cards. Make them into flash cards or a memory game. You can also make them into an I have...who has game. Great supplement to Earth Day activities, too. Includes 3 study guide pages fo...


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Harriet Tubman PowerPoint - Black History Month - Women's History Month

Social Studies

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Verb Tense Shifts Paragraph Revising Worksheets - Easel Digital and Print
Prepositional Phrase with a Compound Object Worksheet by The Tutor Spot
Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentence Sort - Distance Learning | TPT


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Happy Welcome Back Signs - posters to greet your students for the new school year when going back to school. Great for a shabby chic theme with wood, burlap, and floral backgrounds. Here are some fun posters for your classroom décor that you can hang just about anywhere in your room to welcome your ...
A complete set of easy to cut printable bulletin board letters in black and white printer ink-friendly format. Print on heavy white paper or card stock, cut out the squares, and laminate. Quick and easy for the beginning of the year or anytime. Print on colored paper or mount on colored construction...
Girl and Boy Bathroom Passes Hands-Free by HappyEdugator | TpT

Back to School

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End of the Year Superlative Questions: Fun activity to do before school lets out and you have to say good-bye! Have students vote who is "Most Likely to Succeed as ____." Printable ballot with 32 great "Most Likely to" questions for end of the year activities which can be used for a classroom fun fi...
End of the Year ELA Menu Choice Board Middle Grades with Easel Activity
Fun End of the Year Activities! These Ice Cream Writing Prompts will keep students engaged in learning. These end of the year writing activities are a fun jump into summer! Fourteen different writing prompts related to ice cream. Use for distance learning with video conferencing, with a whole group ...

End of School Year

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Task Cards

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Thanksgiving Counting Song - Turkeys, Pilgrims, and Pumpkins by HappyEdugator


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New Year's 2024 Writing Activities with Resolutions, Goals, and Predictions
New Year's Activity 2024 and Every Year Couplet Poetry Writing

New Year’s

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This is a Smart Notebook File.  You must have Smart Notebook Software to download this file.  There are 15 pages, 10 lesson pages and 5 answer pages.  Page 1 Valentine's Day Alphabetical OrderPage 2 Answer Page, students click on the previous page to see answers.Page 3 Valentine Vowel MatchPage 4  Answer PagePage 5  Valentine Mystery MathPage 6  Answer Page Page 7 Valentine's Day Word MatchPage 8 Answer Page Page 9 Find the Missing NumberPage 10  Answer PagePage 11 Rhyming HeartsPage 12-15  ...
Happy New Year!! This bulletin board is an excellent way to motivate your students into making positive new year's resolutions for themselves! Students will select a word of their choice that they want to embody for the rest of the year.


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All About Me Worksheet by LearnersoftheWorld | Teachers Pay Teachers
Christian Easter Wreath by The Kinder Kids | Teachers Pay Teachers
Cornucopia Craft - Thanksgiving Craft (Editable Sentence Strips) For this Thanksgiving Holiday, have your students do something fun! Choose the black and white version or the color version. Simply color the cornucopia, fruit and veggies, cut them out and glue them onto the cornucopia. Choose to di...


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Boom Cards

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Ocean Animals Bingo Game by The Kinder Kids | TPT
Clothing and Food Sort Worksheet by Learners of the World | TPT
Human Body Organs Interactive Cut and Paste Worksheets by Learners of the World

Puzzles and Games

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Comparative & Superlative Adjectives Try Me Free by Jackie Crews

English Language Learners

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Having student led conferences will give your class ownership of their learning. Use these forms and templates so students will share their strengths, weaknesses, and learning goals with their families. This pack has everything you need to have a very successful parent teacher conference that parents and students will love. Includes: Teacher Directions for Student Led Conferences (4 pages of detailed instructions) Letter Home to Family (2 versions - 1 for manual sign up and 1 for using an online scheduler-editable) Conference Time Request Sheets Sign-up Sheets (3 versions - Fall, Spring, and General) Door Welcome Sign Agenda for Student-Led Conference Folder Cover Sheet Folder Contents Sheet My Learning Portrait My Learning Goals Writing Sample Student Self-Reflection My Conference Booklet

Teaching Planners and Tools

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All About Penguins PowerPoint Fun Facts Informational Text by HappyEdugator


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