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three pink roses are shown on a white background, with numbers in the bottom right corner
Watercolor Hearts and Roses - My Flower Journal
How To Paint Simple Watercolor (Looks simple enough- I wonder...)
the supplies needed to make this wreath are laid out on top of paper and paintbrushes
Studio snaps: watercolors in progress // shannon kirsten blog
a coffee cup with the words thanks a latte on it next to pine branches
Blog - Jordan Sondler
a drawing of some fish in a jar with the words little sardines on it
Lilipinso, one of our favourite collaborations
a painting of a coffee cup and some fruit on a table with a blue background
Este MacLeod
a drawing of a tea pot and box
Off Subject: Miyuki Sakai
Miyuki Sakai
Jane Davenport Artists, Portrait, Collage, Collage Art, Art Journals, Kunst
Stencil Finale and Give-away!
Jane Davenport
"Milk," expressive portrait painting by Johnny Popkess | Spotlight on Art from France on Saatchi Art: #blue Saatchi, Female Art, Figure Painting, New Art, Nude Art
a painting of a woman holding a cupcake in front of a chalkboard with writing on it
Two New Originals {Available To Purchase} - Jeanne Oliver
Jeanne Oliver
a goldfish swimming in the water with its head above the water's surface
Richard MacNeil, UK, gold fish
a painting of flowers in a vase on a white background with blue and red colors
curated contemporary art
three paintings of people swimming in the water, one is wearing an orange and white striped shirt
curated contemporary art /// 2009 /// September
two pomegranates and one sliced in half on a white table top