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Spinach ricotta gnocchi, Italian dumplings made with ricotta cheese and spinach. This is a no flour, low carb, gluten free dish of spinach yumminess.

Pork Chops 2 Onions 1 cup Water, boiled 3 Tbsp Real Coffee cup Apple Cider Vinegar cup Xylitol cup Cream Cheese To fry Olive Oil OR Butter Preheat the oven to Fry the pork chops in the butter or olive oil. Take them out and put them into a casserole…

We have all been ripped off. Waffles have ripped me off! I have been jipped by a breakfast item. This is not as pathetic as it sounds. I take great pride in my appetite. My ability to wolf down a p…


Portobello Burgers - A simple grilled hamburger recipe using portobello mushroom caps as the bun for a healthy alternative to regular hamburgers.: The Banting Chef :.

An amazing zucchini cake recipe with blueberries and lemon buttercream frosting - healthy low carb and grain-free

Recipe :: Garlic Butter Shrimp - An amazing flavor combination of garlicky, buttery goodness - so elegant and easy to make in 20 min or less!