Breakfast at Tom's Kitchen

Breakfast and weekend brunch is one of our most popular times at Tom's Kitchen. Serving a selection of popular breakfast classics such as Eggs Benedict…
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a piece of bread that has been cut in half with avocado on it
Five Five Fabulous -
TOM's Kitchen Chelsea 01
croissants and other pastries on a wooden tray
Kitchen - Home Picks
Croissant, Pain aux Raisin, Muffin Pain au Chocolate
a bowl of cereal next to a cup of juice
Kitchen - Home Picks
Home-made Granola
a breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice on a wooden table
Kitchen - Home Picks
Full English Breakfast
two small sandwiches covered in cheese and spinach
Kitchen - Home Picks
Eggs Florentine
a white plate topped with greens and an omelet on top of a wooden table
Kitchen - Home Picks
a cup of coffee with a heart shaped foam in it sitting on a saucer
Kitchen - Home Picks
a white bowl filled with fruit on top of a plate
Kitchen - Home Picks
Fresh Chopped Fruit
a person pouring syrup on top of a cake
Kitchen - Home Picks
Blueberry Pancakes
there are four different drinks on the table
Kitchen - Home Picks
Freshly Squeezed Juices
an egg is being dipped into some kind of cracker on a plate with bread
Kitchen - Home Picks
Boiled Egg
a powdered pastry on a white plate sprinkled with sugar
Kitchen - Home Picks
a waffle topped with blueberries and syrup on a white plate
Kitchen - Home Picks
Crisp Belgian Waffle
two small sandwiches topped with eggs and ham
Kitchen - Home Picks
Eggs Benedict