Chalkboard Art

Chalkboard Art that I have learned on my own as a fun hobby.
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some rocks are arranged on a piece of driftwood with a plant in the background
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a chalkboard with the words and your balance on it
a blackboard with white writing on it that says behind every quilter is a huge pile of fabric
a birthday cake drawn on a black board
a happy new year chalkboard sign with two glasses of wine on it and the words'happy new year'written in cursive writing
a chalkboard with the words happy 80th birthday pop written on it
a black flower pot with a cat face painted on it's side and friends forever written on the front
this is my happy place chalkboard sign
a sign that says joy to the world with ornaments on it and snowflakes
Christmas Chalkboard
a chalk board with christmas wreaths and pine cones hanging from it's sides
Christmas chalkboard I did for work
a sign that says boston tea party on it
Birthday Party chalkboard