lollipop bouquet

"Surgery Sucks" get well soon gift idea This could go to the nurses stattion in the pediatric wing of a local hospital.

Tools, Hammer, Spanner by @Andy, A very glossy yet socialist looking hammer and spanner

Pro Onsite Computer PC & Printer Repair, Networking Support & Superior Voice & Data Cabling Services in Oakland Park Florida.

Mechanic Pirate by @sven222, Mechanic pirate logo., on @openclipart

Lineart by original idea by sanzo-sinclaire [link] Naruto belongs to ** Masashi Kishimoto © Work done in Photoshop Cs 4 Note. Why me-Lineart

Tools Construction Tool by @glitch, This glitch clipart is about tools, construction, tool.glitch was a computer game whose visual assets were released into the public domain domain after the game failed commercially. The entire collection is about 2,000 clipart. glitch assets were converted to svg format by Bart from opengameart.org, on @openclipart

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