Tshegofatso Mputle

Tshegofatso Mputle

Tshegofatso Mputle
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32 Clean Eating Low Calorie Snacks #lowcaloriesnacks #cleaneating

32 Clean Eating Low-Calorie Snacks — Get hungry between meals at work? That vending machine starts to look extra-tempting! Just bring one of these healthy snacks with you and you’re bound to make the right choice when your stomach starts rumbling!

A Visual Explanation of LEAN Manufacturing. Lean Manufacturing is reducing work and coasts while maintain quality.

What is Lean Manufacturing? Lean manufacturing is reducing work costs while maintaining quality. Lean management philosophies also focus on continually improving the workplace based on Toyota's principle of "respect for humanity"

when the time comes. p.s., if this works...

This is how we potty trained in 3 days with Potty Train in a weekend. You can potty train in three days really easily with these tips. 3 day potty training and even potty training a toddler are all do-able!

5 Easy Tips For Potty Training Boys

5 Easy Tips For Potty Training Boys. Attempting potty training next month! Starting off with some potty books and movies and seeing if he is ready! If not bring on 2 kids in diapers!