Gomolemo Thapelo

Gomolemo Thapelo

South Africa / Classify me? I'll defy every label.
Gomolemo Thapelo
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Think for yourself. Trust your own instinct. Another mind isn't walking your journey, you are.

°Another mind isn't walking your journey, You are. Please remember this is my own personal journey & I am happy for you to walk with me for a while but you also need to find your own way.

Don't stop!

Finish the race for life - you don't have to come in first place, you just have to finish. Keep going, don't stop! -- What a wonderful reminder that we just have to get there it does not matter in what place.

great quote

No one is perfect and no one is perfectly honest, but those who make an effort to be honest despite if it makes others comfortable or not are the kind of people I love to have in my life.

different contents page

I like the table of content, however, and not a fan of the design of the page numbering to the side. Black and Gold table of contents