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a table that has some kind of woven material on top of it, with wires in front of it
Industrial Decor & Furniture
whoa! looks difficult, but very pretty way to redo an old coffee table.
a person is working on a yellow necklace
Curpay - Asociación Cordobesa de Artesanos
Wonder if I can do this with embroidery thread..... CUERO
three different types of pillows sitting on top of each other in front of a couch
Диванные уютные подушки-«думочки» из полосок фетра — Рукоделие | маленькие мелочи | Постила
a woman is painting the side of a surfboard with blue tape and pliers
Scotch® Painter's Tape, Dispensers & Pre-Taped Painter's Plastic
Despierta tu creatividad y da un estilo diferente a tus muebles. Lijas, pegamentos, cinta y más lo puedes conseguir en:
there is a piece of black fabric being sewn together
DIY Clutch Bag: Plastic Canvas Floral Clutch
four different colored stools sitting next to each other on a rug with an intricate pattern
SILAÏ Pufe estofado de tecido By GAN | design Charlotte Lancelot
SILAÏ Pufe by GAN By Gandia Blasco design Charlotte Lancelot
four different colored pillows on a white surface with a small table in the corner behind them
Silaï — Charlotte Lancelot design Studio
several different colored rugs on the floor with white walls in the backround
Snugly Sweater-Inspired Furniture
Snugly Sweater-Inspired Furniture
two pillows are sitting next to each other on a bed with crocheted patterns
Gan, Man! — decor8
Love this giant cross stitch (potential wall hanging)...what do they use for the fabric, I wonder?
a close up view of a blanket with red and white designs on it's edges
FLOWERS NATURAL Puf tapizado de lana By GAN | design Charlotte Lancelot
Puf tapizado de lana FLOWERS NATURAL Colección Canevas Spaces by GAN By Gandia Blasco | diseño Charlotte Lancelot
four decorative pillows on a bed with white sheets and yellow trimmings, all in different colors
El Do it yourself más cool - El tarro de ideas
El Do it yourself más cool - El tarro de ideasEl tarro de ideas
an odd shaped chair sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pile of pillows
El blog de creatividad de Marielo.
there are many pictures showing how to crochet the sheep rug with yarns
DIY Pompoms
DIY Pompoms diy pompoms diy crafts do it yourself
a stool made out of knitted wool with wooden legs on an isolated white background
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