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Tanitha Jolly

Tanitha Jolly
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DIY ~ Vertical Garden ~ All you need is a small amount of space

Vertical Plastic Bottle Garden All youneed is a small amount of vertical space around a balcony or anopen window which can hang or store a vertical array of drinkbottles that can grow all your herbs and lettuce easily. Recycle asmany of your plastic d

How toBuild a Spud Box and Grow Potatoes in 4 Square Feet!

Try out this garden design to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 square feet! Survival Life is the best source for survival tips and off the grid living.

20  Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas

This is called a Strawberry Gutter Garden. As the strawberries grow, they hang down over your head for easy picking! Click the picture to learn how to make a strawberry gutter garden

Bourbon Cider Sours

Bourbon is neatly blended with apple cider and orange juice over a mug of ice and raw sugars. Sweet enough to guzzle, stiff enough to sip. A chilled fall drink thats the perfect blend of sweet and manly, perfect as a swift Fall drink in the warm southern