Picture of the Ifaty Teapot, Adansonia za, in Toliara, Madagascar

Photographer Beth Moon spent 14 years of her life photographing ancient trees around the world. Here are some of the most remarkable photographs from her j


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baobab in Tsimanampetsotsa National Park

New research in dendrochronology and environmental climate change by using AMS/CFAMS radiocarbon dating and stable isotope analysis

The baobab was among the first trees to appear on the land. Next came the slender, graceful palm tree. When the baobab saw the palm tree, it cried out that it wanted to be taller. Then the beautiful flame tree appeared with its red flower and the baobab was envious for flower blossoms. When the baobab saw the magnificent fig tree, it prayed for fruit as well. The gods became angry with the tree and pulled it up by its roots, then replanted it upside down to keep it quiet.

1000 year Baobab tree in Africa Baobab trees are native to Madagascar and are also known as the 'tree of life', because their swollen trunks can store water.