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Mini lotus pond painting 🪷🎨
Difficulty: Easy Here is a cute mini lotus pond painting to fill you sketchbook. Tools • Acrylic colours • Round & flat brushes • sketchbook
a painting of water lilies and green leaves in the sun shining through the sky
an oil painting of water lilies and lily pads
Lush Waters: Impressions of a Pond
Prints are avalible in link below. My source of inspiration drives from natures beauty. I want to use a combination of blues and greens to convey the tranquilly of the pond. The landscape is brought to life by the impasto brushstrokes and impressionistic manner.
Koi Pond Watercolor Digital Download Clipart - Etsy Diy, Koi Watercolor, Koi Pond, Watercolor Fish, Fish Art, Koi Pond Design, Fish Illustration, Watercolor
Koi Pond Watercolor Digital Download Clipart - Etsy
Koi Pond Watercolor Digital Download Clipart - Etsy | #storyboard #animaticstoryboard #storyboardillustration #storyboardideas #storyboardtemplate #storyboardartist #storyboardfilm #storyboarding
a group of people sitting next to each other in front of a window with curtains
the concept art for disney's beauty and the beast is shown in three different stages
two paintings of sunflowers are shown on a sheet of paper with the words, prettiest fairy
someone holding up some art cards with waterlilies on them and the words, i would like to paint this way
Monet’s Waterlily💚💛
someone is holding up some cards with flowers on them and the other one has a pen in their hand
an open notebook with green leaves and flowers on the cover, next to a potted plant