Timothy Scott

Timothy Scott

Port Elizabeth is a windy place but is a awesome city / Time spent without my angel is time wasted
Timothy Scott
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This site has cool food with vegetables and fruit!! so fun!

Creative Food Art Art is not limited in boundaries. Here are some awesome example of food art made to eat first from eyes.

75 Beautiful edible fruit carvings!

Watermelon Carvings Art & Sculpture is a creative and fresh approach to prove an artist’s skill and ingenuity. A fruit is converted in to a piece that.

Food or art? It's both! SFMOMA's Mondrian cake This is so cool. Obviously I feel I need to make some sort of Italian Renaissance cake now.

Modern art and cake - This Mondrian-inspired cake is served to visitors at the SFMOMA. Pastry-chef Caitlin Freeman recently released a cookbook documenting all her artful treats titled Modern Art Desserts


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