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Pora Steak

Had no clue what to have for lunch so when in doubt its either steak or egg.. easiest 2 to prepare. So how about the best of both, steak egg and a few veggies on the side, Portuguese style :-) I us…

This is a really nice winter cauliflower stew, Keto friendly recipe. Banting Recipes, Meat Recipes, Tim Noakes Diet, Fish Head Soup, South African Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Stew, Cauliflower, Curry
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Meaty Cauliflower & Yoghurt stew

This one is for the more adventurous, for the taste buds, but unfortunately not for the eyes and, for those that like me.. bought way too much cauliflower and need to use it somewhere. It is really…

Dawood Basha - Meatballs Banting Recipes, Meat Recipes, Tim Noakes Diet, Chana Masala, Balls, Middle, Beef, Ethnic Recipes, Food

Dawood Basha – Meatballs

If you are into meatballs, try Dawood Basha. This is a middle eastern version of meatballs cooked in a tomato, garlic and herb sauce, very quick to make and delicious. Ingredients : 250 gms Mince 1…

Makloubi - Upside Down Eggplant dish Banting Recipes, Meat Recipes, Tim Noakes Diet, Eggplant Dishes, Cauliflower Rice, Waffles, French Toast, Breakfast, Food
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Makloubi – Upside Down Eggplant dish

The Arabic word “Makloubi” means upside down, this is a layered dish that you build up in a pot and once cooked you turn over onto a serving dish, so whatever was layered at the bottom …

Cheeseburger for 2 - definitely one to add to favorites.


Here is a close to carb free cheeseburger made out of Oopsie buns. Please refer to the Oopsie bread recipe to get the buns done. If you are just making 1 burger, you can use half the ingredient tha…

Butter fried fish with delicious creamy lemon butter sauce - High Fat low carb Spicy Recipes, Meat Recipes, Tim Noakes Diet, Banting Recipes, Lemon Butter Sauce, Fried Fish, Cheese Sauce, Curry, Yummy Food

Creamy Curried Mince

If you are a fan of curry and spicy, this will be for you. I had 2 ideas here, either i make the mince curry dryish and then use lettuce to make a great wrap, or i make it creamy and saucy on a bed…

Juicy Rump infused with garlic butter and roasted to perfection. Banting Recipes, Meat Recipes, Tim Noakes Diet, Garlic Butter, Roast, Beef, Food, Meat, Carne Asada
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Butter Infused Roasted Rump

Digging around in my freezer, I found this nice big piece of rump that my wife had set aside for a Sunday roast a couple weeks back. I needed a recipe to add so i decided it will not wait till Sund…

Shepherds Pie the healthy, no carb way :-). Delicious, easy and Perfect for ketogenic Diet Banting Recipes, Meat Recipes, Low Carb Recipes, Tim Noakes Diet, Cauliflower Shepherd's Pie, Lamb Shanks, Ketogenic Diet, Cooking, Healthy
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Cauliflower Shepherds Pie

I never really tried Shepherds Pie before, so I wouldn’t be able to compare it to the real thing, but I really enjoyed this version of it. Obviously potatoes are no go, so I replaced it with …