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dwayne johnson AKA The Rock:    90s: a black turtleneck, gold chain and a fannypack to boot.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson high waisted jeans // thick black belt // leather fanny pack // black turtleneck // watch // gold chain

Eddie Murphy

Actor and Comedian Eddie Murphy is the voice of the Donkey in Shrek and its sequels. He also played in movies like Daddy Day Care and Daddy day camp.

Them rappers in their playground days.   i love lil Usher! haha

Omfg I love all of those rappers! Awwh Eminem looks so cute! Haha Kid Cudi cx awwwhhhhh the fetus rappers c: Bhaha Lil Wayne still looks the same; angry cx Usher NEVER changed, still looks the same!

90shiphopraprnb:  Queen Latifah and MC Lyte

Queen Latifah MC Lyte Aw and they're still friends. MY Lyte is the dj on the Queen Latifah show!